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Register now for our affiliate program and receive at least 50% commission on every sale you make through your affiliate links of all included products.

How it works:

Our affiliate program is managed through KMGsupport.com. Once you are registered you can login to collect your special affiliate links to promote our products to people who may want to buy them.

Our products include a growing range of career, skill development and self improvement resources for leaders, managers and business owners.

After someone purchases through your special affiliate link you are paid a commisssion on that sale. If someone visits one of our sites through your affiliate link, but doesn't buy on that visit, our system "remembers" that you sent them and you will still be paid your commission if they return later and make a purchase (provided the purchaser hasn't replaced or cleared their cookies, of course.) Cookies can last up to 10 years, or until they are replaced or cleared.

Your affiliate commissions are paid to your PayPal account in the middle of each month and after the end of any guarantee period. (Our minimum guarantee period is 30 days.) For more details please see our Terms of Use.

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